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Detect skin cancer at an earlier stage - it saves lives.

We offer a medical device supported by an innovative web-service connecting general practitioners, patients and specialists.

All experts agree that early detection is essential and can save lives.

We provide a medical advice from a dermoscopy specialist in a quick and efficient manner, aiming to identify melanoma at an early stage.

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1. Capture medical images

DermoClic allows you to capture dermoscopic high definition images of moles and pigmented lesions in a very simple way.


2. Information & Data entry

General practitioners enter patient's data and refer images to a dermoscopy specialist through a highly secured web application.


3. Analyse and report


The dermoscopy specialist, assisted by advanced IT features analyses each image and provides his opinion in an electronic documented report.


The advantage of DermoSafe is a simple and intuitive use. It can easily be used in any medical private practice. Learning how to handle the solution is done in few minutes.

The material to install into the consultation room is very minimal as it consists only of the small DermoClic and its cable. It is an easy and simple solution to capture dermoscopic images of pigmented lesions.

Dr Olivier Gaide

Head of Dermato-Oncology CHUV Lausanne, Switzerland



The patients feel reassured to obtain so quickly an answer to their worry,

while the waiting list at dermatologists keeps increasing more and more.

Dr Daniel Widmer

General practitioner, Lausanne, Switzerland



All patients that I call by phone to announce the results give me positive feedbacks

and are very pleased with the process.

Laetitia Tauxe

Medical nurse at Vigimed, Martigny, Switzerland